Glossary of Jewish terms used on this site

Abba: Daddy
Adar: The month of joy that includes the holiday of Purim
Ahava rabba, Ashrei, Amida, Shema: Names of prayers
Akeida: Abraham’s test of being asked to sacrifice his beloved son
Asur bemashehu: Forbidden even in tiny amounts.
Av: The month of destruction and mourning
Avraham Avinu: Abraham the Patriarch
Balabusta: Homemaker
Beit Hamikdash: The Holy Temple, may it be rebuilt speedily in our days
Brachot: Blessings
Chametz: Leavened grain products
Chevruta: Study partner
Chol HaMoed: The middle days of the holiday
Daven: Pray
Dvekut: Closeness and intimacy with the Divine
Gan: Nursery school
Ganenet: Nursery school teacher
Geulah: Redemption
Gibor/a: Hero/ine
Halacha: Jewish law
Har HaBayit: The site where the Temple stood
Hashem: God
Hishtadlut: Human effort
Ima: Mommy
Kos shel Eliyahu: The ceremonial glass of wine for Elijah the Prophet, placed on the Passover seder table
Maror: Bitter vegetables symbolizing the slavery experience
Mashiach: The messiah
Matzobrei: Passover delicacy made with egg-soaked matzah
Mincha: Afternoon prayers
Mishna: Jewish oral law in it's first written iteration. Also refers to an individual statement from the Mishna.
Netivot Shalom: A series of books on Torah thought by the previous Slonimer Rebbe
Melacha: Legally defined labor
Nisan: The Jewish month of redemption that includes Pesach (Passover).
Pesach: Passover
Pesukei dezimra: A collection of psalms that introduce the morning prayers.
Rebbe: Chasidic spiritual and community leader, often sought by all kinds of Jews for advice and blessings.
Rebbetzin: Honorific title for a female religious authority
Seder: Ceremony reliving the exodus from Egypt
Shmurah matzah: Passover flatbread produced in an intensive and meticulous manner
Shul: Synagogue
Sinat Chinam: Baseless hatred and infighting, the cause of the Temple's destruction and the exile
Tehilim: Psalms
Tisha B'Av: The date of the Temple's destruction
Yom Tov: Holiday
Yom HaZikaron: Israel's memorial day
Zechut: Privilege, merit