Thursday, April 14, 2011

Talking to myself while cleaning for Pesach

Chaya 1: Wow, there’s a lot of gross stuff stuck on this chair.
Chaya 2: It’s okay. Just spray it with toxic cleaner and keep working.
Chaya 1: As long as I’m cleaning the chair, I may as well really scrub at it.
Chaya 2: That would be fine if all you had to do before Pesach was clean this chair, but you have a few other things on your agenda.
Chaya 1: I can’t believe I let so much gunk accumulate on this chair. My sisters-in-law would never let their chairs get this dirty.
Chaya 2: That’s none of your business.
Chaya 1: I can’t just wipe it down with cleaner and leave it gunky.
Chaya 2: Why not? It’s not chametz anymore once you make it inedible. You know that.
Chaya 1: I don’t want to tell you.
Chaya 2: Tell me.
Chaya 1: I’m afraid that people will see my not-perfectly-clean chairs and think I didn’t properly prepare the house ready for Pesach.
Chaya 2: So you know what the halacha requires, but you’re not satisfied with it because of what other people might think?
Chaya 1: I don’t want to talk to you anymore.
Chaya 2: That sounds like ego, and that’s definitely asur bemashehu.
Chaya 1: I’m really done with this conversation.
Chaya 2: I’ll tell you what. Let’s put that ego on the chair, and I’ll let you scrub away at it for a few minutes.
Chaya 1: Deal.


Mama Wass said...

Sounds exactly like the conversation I overheard between Rachel 1 and Rachel 2!

Chag sameach!

Ima2seven said...

I love it!!! I have had this conversation with myself over MANY things in the house many time! Chag Sameach.

Liran said...

LOL :-)
So true....

Where is that "Hatanu Avinu Pashanu" smily?

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